Miso – Emotions (feat. Lil Cherry) (Official Video)




1. 앨범 소개글
“They’re just emotions.”

2. 크레딧

Track List

1. Fallin (feat. Rad Museum)

Lyrics by Miso, Rad Museum
Composed by Miso, Rad Museum, NO IDENTITY
Arranged by Miso, 원다희

2. Emotions (feat. Lil Cherry)

Lyrics by Miso, Lil Cherry
Composed by NO IDENTITY, Miso, Waker (155/Joombas), Lil Cherry
Arranged by NO IDENTITY, Miso

Album produced by Miso, NO IDENTITY
Sound design and mixed by NO IDENTITY
Mastered by Harrison Hong

Cover artwork design by Rad Museum, YTK

Executive producer you.will.knovv
A&R Harrison Hong, John Um, Hwan Han
Admin coordinator Woohee Park


#youwillknovv #유윌노우 #Miso #미소 #Lil Cherry #릴체리 #Emotions

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