Tabber – 007 (feat. Syd) Official Music Video

Tabber – 007 (feat. Syd)
Out Now!

Watch dingo freestyle X Tabber’s ‘007’ Official Video on dingo freestyle’s official YouTube Channel.

딩고 프리스타일과 함께한 태버 ’007’ Official Video가 dingo freestyle 공식 유튜브 채널을 통해 공개되었습니다.

Executive producer you.will.knovv

Composed by Tabber, 2xxx, TAEYONG
Lyrics by Tabber
Arranged by Tabber, 2xxx, TAEYONG
Featured by Syd

Guitar by TAEYONG
Bass by 2xxx, TAEYONG
Piano by 황득경

Mixed by Alawn @ Alawn Music Studios
Mastered by Harrison Hong
Artwork Design by junfourteen
Music Producer 2xxx, TAEYONG

A&R Harrison Hong, John Um, Wongi Kim
Admin Coordinator Woohee Park


#youwillknovv #유윌노우 #Tabber #태버 #Syd #시드 #Dingofreestyle #딩고프리스타일

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